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Water Blasting Service
X-Sited Drains can also clean/water blast large concrete floors, driveways, walls, inside large concrete tanks, reservoirs etc. We use the whirl-away rotating waterblasting system which can cover large flat areas very efficiently and cleaning quite evenly leaving less marks. Also we have several high pressure lance guns from 1 meter extending to 4+ meters, ideal for walls etc.

In certain circumstances we can use the waterblaster for hydro-digging in conjunction with a sucker truck, this is quite a good method if needed around a broken water-main where the ground is saturated and/or around electric and telecom cables.

We Also...

High pressure water blasting of sanitary sewers and stormwater drains, from 40 up to 600 mm.

Domestically septic tank soakage fields, toilets, sinks, downpipes, stormwater drains etc can all be machine-cleared. We have special-sized high pressure hoses and other rotary mechanical means to unblock small pipes in difficult places.

Commercially we can waterblast up to 150+ meters at 4000 psi which covers most situations. Our waterblaster is fully remote-controlled if needed, which is great for safety in certain predicaments and saving time in others...